June 27, 2009

Little Quips

A longtime friend of JP's family, sent us a little hello. Along with some salutations came a very entertaining marital comparison story for the heart of a wife:

"Keep the cave clean. They want the cave clean and spotless, air-conditioned if possible. Sharpen his spear and stick it in his hand when he goes out in the morning to spear that bear.
And when the bear chases him, console him when he comes home at night. Tell him what a big man he is. Then....hide his spear so he doesn't trip over it and stab himself in the morning."

Thought this was a cute story. Thank you Mrs. Ross!

June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Some days I have nothing to write...nothing interesting, show stopping, or unique. I realized however, that my simple thoughts can often be amusing, weird, entertaining, or simply unusual. Before reading today's thoughts, my disclaimer is that they may be quite trivial.........

-Michael Jackson is dead? Maybe I should have done more pushing to do Thriller at our wedding! I think he looks more like Minnie Mouse than Mickey Mouse.

-When will our furniture get here?

-Was I supposed to put diced onions in the meatloaf?

-Farah Fawcett was in "Man of the house", right? What other movies was she known for?

-How hot is too hot to take a run?

-Can you defrost frozen potatoes? Can you even freeze potatoes?

-Is it normal to finish an entire bag of Goldfish by yourself?

-How long can I leave that spider web hanging? Which will happen first: I will clean it up or JP will clean it up?

-What other home accessories do I need?

-Can people notice minor wedgies when I work out? Should I pick it?

-Am I weird or are these types of thoughts.....normal?

June 2, 2009

Meet the Mouse

While cooking dinner tonight my husband came home and informed me that we have a visitor. I wish this were a visitor I could "intentionally" cook a homemade meal for....unfortunately, this visitor was unwelcomed, furry, and the one who enjoys my leftover cooking crumbs unseen by my obsessive eye. Yes, we have a little Ralph S. Mouse.
While sitting on his porcelain throne this morning, JP apparently saw the rodent run across our bathroom floor. Although he claims he didn't even flinch, I can imagine any man caught off guard during their morning meeting in the "John", would jump on top of their glass chair to finish their business at a later moment.
Needless to say, I did much EXTRA cleaning tonight. I swifter, washed, and vacuumed all of the floors...and left the bathroom to my brave husband, (who should thank me for the extra time I've now awarded him in the throne room while he cleans). We put out a trap tonight and I have been tiptoeing around hoping that I will not have a run in with this visitor, nor his droppings. I am waiting anxiously, like a woman in labor, to hear the snap of the metal contraption that will send him to meet his maker. HERE'S HOPIN!