March 23, 2009

Fresh & Clean

They were right. The prep was the worst part! The 2 liters I had to drink, seemed like a bottomless well of liquid lysol....lemony fresh isn't so great when you have to DRINK IT! But with the help of Welch's and a stopwatch, my husband helped me get through the liquid mess. The many trips to the toilet were less than pleasant, and more frequent than the number of times one showers in a week!

The drama was over and we walked into the hospital ready for action! I was all prepped, and must add that I did not pass out from the IV needle! It was also comforting how gentle the nurses were with me. They said it was fresh to have an inexperienced colonoscopy patient, and one under the average age of 70. Little did I know that I would have to have an endoscopy as well. In other words I'd have tubes put down both ends...I just prayed I remained "out of it!"

I woke up, finished, clean, and with my smiling hubby video taping my recovery with a giggle. He brought me home, put me in bed and later took phone calls and when I was conscious again, repeated to me what the doctor had said while I was asleep.

Everything turned out fine. We are just waiting on some final results. God is good. He is ultimately the Great Physician and is amazing for having created SEDATIVES!

March 15, 2009


So it would seem that I have been abandoned for the weekend. My entire family, including my husband, is out of town for the weekend. It has been quite interesting, and it began as anything but relaxing. I tried to stay in the house by myself, but as soon as the sun set, I became anxious and could not sleep! I knew I couldn't do this for 2 more nights so I spent one night at my mother-in-laws and the other at my sister's....they were so sweet to take in this homeless and wimp of a woman. I don't regret being a wimp. I simply enjoy company, and really miss my husband! Marriage isn't always cuddling on the couch with every free moment, but just having him in the same house with me, makes me feel comfortable and happy. I love him so very much.

Thanks to the often scrutinized family dog, I felt protected when I was home alone. I also took the time to pamper myself....some of which was unfortunately damage to my debit card. Painting my nails, watching hours of whatever it was I wanted to watch (without having to share the remote), an amazing bubble bath, two days worth of shopping sprees, and a calming tanning session, and a calorie filled McDonald's iced coffee, gave me a few moments of uninterrupted, selfish, solace.
Despite the brief times of fear, the sleepless night, and the occasional feelings of being orphan Annie, I am proud of myself for holding down the fort! (until dad finds the electric bill for the two nights I left the lights and television on)

Now off to reality....laundry, lesson plans, and lean cooking.

March 8, 2009

They found out

I hid them the best I could. I thought I had found the perfect spot. I thought no one would notice. I assumed they were as safe as a guarded treasure but..........I was wrong. They found them.

That's right. My dad found the many bins of clothes I had hidden away in their boiler room under the stairs. Just when I thought I had found the perfect place for those things I didn't have a place for, they gone and done it. Vern made a pile of all my bins and I heard the words I dread....consolidate. This may take a few weeks, but I'm up for the task and know it's necessary. According to JP I have slowly crept over into his part of the closet and now consumer 3/4 of its space. I realize it's time for some spring cleaning when I find that three of my drawers contain workout clothes, tshirts, and pajama pants alone. I always tell myself, "I can't get rid of this. I know I'll wear it sometime." Well for many of these articles, that sometime hasn't come in a long time. And that bin full of purses along hasn't been cracked open in nearly a year. Goodwill, here I come!

March 3, 2009

You did what?

I am unbelieveably frustrated with the events that have unraveled on the popular, so called "reality" show, "The Bachelor."

1. Why did Jason have to dump Melissa on television?
2. Go Melissa! For her to bring to light what an engagement means. She isn't some girl he has been "hanging out with" for a few weeks. If he has a problem, he should talk to her like a normal couple.

3. Molly, you make me sad. You are the typical girl who takes a leap for the guy who pushed you!

4. ABC, I am convinced you scripted these events! So you got what you wanted for this season....interested viewers. As for next season: you may have lost your popularity.

5. Jason those tears are not going to win over any empathy. And if they are indeed real....MAN UP!

I know I just placed myself within that stereotypical "reality" tv junkie, however, when there is a possibility of playing with someone's actual emotions, for a rating....then you have opened up a can of worms!!!!!

AHhhhhhhhhhhhh....that feels better!

March 1, 2009


I was always curious what the in-law situation would be when I got married. Would it be bliss? Or would it be Debra Barone chaos? A few days before we got married I went to have a massage to ease the wedding stress. My masseuse spent the entire hour complaining about her mother-in-law. Not only was it anything but relaxing, but it also made me feel lucky, spoiled, and sorry for that unhappy woman.
I have been blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law. I believe that having 6 years to get to know my future in-laws before I walked down the aisle, gave me comfort within their family and made me fall in love with those who had fallen in love with me, considering me her own daughter. Nancy, whose name took me a while to get used to (replacing the 6 year habit of calling her "Mrs. Howard"), has been supportive, helpful, generous, and loving towards me. I feel like her own daughter and am thankful that while others may complain about their distant in-law situations, I am blessed to feel comfortable and constantly loved by my mother-in-law. She is quite a person! She is a mother, homemaker, strength for her entire family, and constantly busily helping anyone and everyone she can reach, with arms wide open for the next!