November 11, 2009


I had heard the phrase "God comes through...even in the 11th hour." I'm sure that I have experienced this, but it's not easy to remember that when you are in the "valley." JP and I have truly learned to depend on Christ, and one another, this year. God is so good and He is faithful. He worked out every detail....and I will be teaching 3rd grade the rest of the year in a wonderful district! I have no idea how these wrinkles got ironed out, but I know who did it!


November 8, 2009


JP has been gone this weekend, on a guys trip to see Alabama vs LSU football. While he was enjoying himself, I surprisingly not only kept myself busy, but had a great weekend of ME time. It's not to be selfish for a little while.

Friday- spent the night at my grandparents. Got my grandma her Steak and Shake strawberry shake (we have that love in common). My cousins and aunt and uncle were there as well. God has obviously placed me at the school in Schaumburg at the right time. I'm able to stop and spend time with family, with absolute convenience. Grandma and I watched "The Proposal." I love hearing her laugh.

Saturday- Grandma and I made homemade Cavatelli (gnoochi). It was rather easy, yet time consuming. I very much appreciated my grandma taking her time and energy to do this with me. I have a high appreciation for those who used to homemake their own pasta, like my Grandma. Grandpa slept most of my visit. He sleeps a lot right now. Although this makes me sad, I know it's better to be asleep than to constantly struggle with his pain.

Later on Saturday, I went for a beautiful run in the nature center. It was great to clear my head! Then I went to a movie with my mom and mother-in-law. It's a blessing that these two enjoy each other's company and we have JP and I in common. The movie, "Couples' Retreat," was not so great.

Sunday- today's agenda included sleeping in, runnning with my sister, grocery shopping, and working on report cards.

This has been a ME weekend. Is that a terrible thing?

November 5, 2009

Taste of Heaven

I'm spending the night with my grandparents tomorrow night. I can't get enough time with my grandpa, knowing I don't know how much is left. I have been praying for any opportunity to talk to him about Jesus. When I think about the idea of him in heaven, it makes me smile. The promise of heaven itself makes me smile....and I want to make sure that those I love, are there with me. (That includes you, Pipa).

I pray the Lord opens doors for me to introduce you to this amazing God. You introduced me to tastes of Italy,now I pray that I can plant the seed that gives you a taste(and promise) of an eternity in heaven!

your Precious