August 26, 2008

Hopping on the bandwagon

It seems that my sisters have made interesting blog topics of the day, "FEARS and PET PEEVES." I naturally decided to hop on the hot topic. fears. Seeing as I'm a worry wart, this list could get lengthy. So i'll list some abnormal fears and constant fears I have.

-I fear people missing limbs ( not necessarily the people, but the thought of where the limbs go when they are removed)

- I fear sleeping through my alarm and being late for school

- I fear the stove malfunctioning and the house blowing up

- I fear a power outage while I'm in the shower

-I fear the dark

-I fear choking while trying to swallow a pill

-I fear having to dry swallow a pill

-I fear needles...

-I fear failure

-I fear losing the love of my life or one of my family members

-I fear forgetting to put on a bra (been there, done that....unfortunately)

- Slow drivers
-Drivers on my tail when I'm already going 7 over the speed limit
-People who walk slow in malls, sidewalks, or airports...step aside!
-People who seem to take days to complete a simple task
-People who don't stop talking
-People who don't stop talking and have nothing good to say
-The toilet seat left up (a recent discovery in my list)
- Asking questions that no one responds to
-Those who can't multi-task
-When grocers rush you through their line
-When customers behind you rush you to gather your purchases
-Feeling good about a workout and then seeing a model jump on the treadmill next to me
-When someone brings in my favorite dessert on a DIET DAY gone good so far

August 23, 2008

Stick or Stuck?

After reading this entry, you'll probably conclude that the title has no bearings or relevance to the topic of choice. I just thought it sounded cute. And isn't that what a title should often be? a topic sentence?............something to grab the reader's attention.......?
Well I've got your attention now I hope. I do however, hope that you don't end this reading with disappointment as to its depth.

Basically I'm writing in reflection of a conversation........heated debate rather, that my husband and I had today. We were finishing up last minute touches on my classroom decor. Many objects refused to keep their place on the walls, due to the lack of adhesive material found on the only legal piece of adhesion on the classroom walls: sticky tack. While I fumbled with finding a permanent solution to the problem, JP decided that "DUCK TAPE" would solve my problem........for a while at least. He said it would only have to be replaced at the most twice throughout the year. With all that's on a teacher's plate and within her schedule, this supposed "quick fix" did not sound like the answer to my predicament. My magna cum laude problem solving skills immediately brought me to the answer: Super Glue.

In aisle 4 of Jewel, while buying super glue, our discussion sparked a debate. I realized that it was more than the type of adhesion that made these two opinions so was our sex (i mean male/female). I polled some friends on which they would choose to fix such a problem: super glue or duct tape? It was all females who chose super glue and all males who chose duct tape. Although this wasn't a perfect experiment with all the alignments, the outcome made me think (which I like to overdo on most occasions).

Men, who are often afraid of permanency (not just relationships necessarily) and always need something to fix, use duct tape to patch up the hole. They want something to do, to keep busy with, to grab their attention, to create adventure. Women, who oftenwant to bandage and heal the boo-boo, fix it and move on to the next line of jobs needing multi-tasking, as well as avoid future problems, disorganization, or road blocks, use the tightest bond to avoid leaks and future changes needing to be made. I could write a book, and can't believe I wrote and entire blog on super glue and duct tape..........................

So, although I am no psychologist, and understand this experiment concludes with generalizations and sly assumptions, am curious.........

Super Glue or Duct Tape?

August 19, 2008

Not Much

I don't have much to say...
Not much to say at all...
So I'll end this with a simple "hello..."
And "I'll see ya later ya'll."

My sisters and I love to create nonsense rhymes and raps. Just a tribute to my silly siblings.

And a shout out to my Bridgie. A devout reader of my random bloggings. I know you are reading this. I love you!

August 17, 2008

Que Sera, Sera

JP and I are adjusting to married life. We are learning how to share one sink (which was a change from the two we were spoiled with on our honeymooon), one toilet, one bed, and budget. All more adjustments for me than him. I can't help that I like to sprawl across the bed, unfortunately grind my teeth, and am not an accountant. We are having so much fun together. It's like a slumber party every night! We have a routine going. I'm usually done making dinner when he gets home. We eat together, and then he helps do the dishes so I can go shower or relax. It's nice to know he'll share the load. No matter how long it may actually's nice.

Today we went with my parents to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. INTERESTING. There were elephant rides, court jesters, jousts, swordsmen, jugglers, massive chicken drumsticks, and more. What I found the most interesting were the people who were not part of the faire, but blended right in with its paid employees. I'm talking about those who came dressed in their pirate gear, girls who believed a gypsy can wear half a shirt no matter their size, men in TIGHT TIGHTS, and families who dragged their unconsenting children to the faire in medieval garb. I found these people more of attractions than some of those at the faire. The sad thing is that many of these people live for this fair. Although there were a minority at the festivities, they seemed to live within the fairytales as if it were their Christmas. All in all.............worth the trip.

In lieu of the Olympics and the activities surrounding the swimming finals, I stumbled across this video with some friends. Although much of it, including the commentators is a spoof, it is hysterical!!

August 5, 2008

Today is his birthday.....

We ate amazing food out, every night!

On the beach

All dressed up for a night out...isn't he so handsome

We swam with dolphins!

Our view from the balcony

The luxurious pool

At the pool

Happy Birthday, baby!

After a honeymoon it what seemed like paradise, my husband and I are easing back into reality. God blessed us through the wedding process, provided a fairytale tale wedding day and was with us and showed us the beauty of Mexico on our honeymoon. We were moved to the adults only hotel at the resort, and enjoyed every peaceful and beautiful moment of it.

Today is JP's birthday. I found myself pa rousing through the birthday cards at Hallmark only to realize I was not in the right section...I had to search through the "husband" cards for the first time. I got so excited and searched until I found the absolute perfect one! We got engaged a year ago today and now are loving married life and are blessed with a special love. I am so glad to have this wonderful and genuine man in my life. He is one special guy. I love him with all my heart, and will love him still on his 50th birthday, hair or no hair. I got up and made him waffles and a bowl of Lucky Charms (it's sad that it is so special to him- due to our lack of oven at the moment) for his birthday and last night I went and got him Chipotle, his favorite meal to take for lunch. He has been leaving me notes every morning near my keys. I love matter how long it lasts. Happy 23rd Birthday to an "old" man.

August 1, 2008

I'm a married woman!!!!

Ha ha....this is all Parker did. he wouldn't leave the dance floor!

Our beautiful, and yummy cake! (I didn't get more than a bite though)

Sealing the deal!


Our gorgeous invitations!

My breathtaking bridesmaids (I know my sisters will comment on that one)

The amazing decor at the hall

I DO....

First dance with my husband

Some of my girlfriends...they are amazing

Doing what I love party!

Tell me you love me.........

My husband (that still so wierd!) and I just got back from our honeymoon. Without spending too much time at the present moment to reflect on the week's events all I can say is wow! The wedding day was a flawless blur. What I mean by this is it was absolutely perfect, beautiful...a dream...and yet seems like no more than a snapshot in the timeline. It flew by! I'll post more about it soon. The honeymoon was paradise! Although I aquired a bit of a stomach problem that locked JP and I up in our room for a day, it was still bliss. It quickly gave me a glimpse of what this man will be like in our future together. Because of the fever I couldn't do a thing. He had to undress me (which, I'm sure he enjoyed), and drew up a bubble bath for me, ordered toast from room service, found my favorite shows on tv (Friends), and gave me a relaxing foot rub. He brought me to the Dr. and shelled out $120 for a simple check up at 6 am and then ran to the pharmacy and walked back, just to bring his wife some relief. He is my superman and he never complained once. I can't wait to spend my life and time with him...which I should be doing now. Here are a few pictures. Be sure there are more to come!