December 13, 2008

Wrap it up already...

So today I begin the usually dreaded task of wrapping up some other words, using paper to disguise those presents under the tree. Although I do not live for this part of Christmas, I can't say that I mind. I buy ribbon and bows, and attempt to dress up these cardboard boxes into something appealing to the eye. I can't seem to simple cover the gift and use the three pieces of adhesive to attach the paper on the sides and bottom. There's some obsessive complex within me that feels the need to create a piece of art for the eye. This may seem absurd, but look at it this matter what's inside the decked out package, it appears I have taken time in both thought and labor to wrap it in style! (Don't knock it....although this is no justification, let me live in decorative denial!)

Along the same subject, with an urge to get some of this gift dressing underway I went to begin the task and realized we had no wrapping paper. I asked JP to pick some up from the store. He came home glowing with bag in tow. He had four rolls of beautiful paper in his sack. He said, "here you go babe. And I got a great deal! At Target they were 2 for $7!" I couldn't help but stare speechless into the bag. My husband just spent $14 on four rolls of wrapping paper, when I could have bought at least 14 rolls with the way I shop. Even with my wrapping and beauty packaging obsession, I would never spend more than 99 cents on wrap. I couldn't break his happy heart though and sucked up the price tag, opened the wrap and began my task. I'll either do the shopping from now on, or send him to a specific store, with the details, price cap, and PC number to avoid another shopping event.

December 10, 2008


It doesn't quite feel like Christmas yet. A surprising comment, I realize, considering the feet of snow piled up outside our abode. It could be due to the fact that I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween. While listening to "Holly Jolly Christmas" today and wiping away the tears from the previous 93.9 "Christmas wish" I'd heard, I realized it still didn't quite feel like the holiday was approaching.

To attempt to remedy this disease, I'm going to watch Home Alone, drink some soy egg nog, and possibly wrap some presents. Hopefully this helps!

What do you do that puts you in yule tide mode?

December 9, 2008


As I was about to prepare a head of cauliflower my sister dared me to be more creative. I attempted a mashed cauliflower recipe, a low carb alternative to mashed potatoes! My husband, surprisingly loved it. Next time though, I think Ill put less butter and less garlic powder.

Wash, chop, and steam cauliflower in inch of water in microwave until tender.
The recipe said to mix 1/4 cup skim milk/butter and the garlic powder and parmesan cheese with a blender but I used a hand mixer! A bit of a different texture but yummy!

*No gas!

December 7, 2008

What have you learned today?

Growing up I used to consider my Papa "the man who knew everything." He once told me that he didn't know everything, but simply learned something new everyday. I thought about this today and am going to try and recall three things I learn each day and those who shared these pieces of knowledge.

Today I learned:

1) apple seeds have a trace of cyanide in them. (fact courtesy of my husband)

2) blood pressure has to do with the amount of blood being pumped through veins throughout body (again my husband's knowledge)

3) there is more than one meaning to the words in the famous Italian song: "Zooma Zooma" (fact courtesy of my Mima)

December 6, 2008

To shop or not

According to the View and several newscasts, these are people I should buy Christmas gifts for:

1. mail carrier (who even actually sees their mailperson?)
2. boss/principal (thats a given)
3. parent helpers (ok I have thats not happening)
4. hairdresser & any other regular beautician (have trouble affording the monthy haircut alone!)
5. regular doctor (they make enough already)
6. pastor (my church has and beyond)
7. distant relatives (an entire side of JPs family lives on the east coast...that could get expensive)
8. petcare helper (that would be JP and I- nightly takers of our family dog)
9. assitant (i have one, but not the kind that does my work)
10. close family friends (just got married, still have the guest was a long thats not happening)

who are 10 people you SHOULD buy for?

Down but not Out

JP got some bad news regarding his education test he needed to pass. Of course, he was down and frustrated. I found it the best opportunity to pray over the situation. I prayed a prayer I wasn't expecting. I truly felt Christ pouring through my speech. I prayed a prayer of thanks!
I realized I was truly thankful for all the hard times we have been through in the last few months, and for the circumstances we are currently in. I spoke these words, "I look back and don't regret a moment of what has happened these past few months. I'm glad we didn't receive jobs we applied for, JP didn't pass tests, we couldn't afford an apartment, and that I'm at the job I currently am."
Its funny I should pray such a prayer. When every above situation arose, I found myself angry and asking, "why me?" and "what now?" But I find that I wouldn't trade for the world what it has brought us to, what faith has grown in me, and what a strong bond has been created between JP and I in the first few months of our marriage. I am not"in love" with my job, but am thankful I have one, that I have such supportive parents, and that I will be so well prepared for what comes next! Of course we would love better paying jobs, greater opportunities, our own place, and for everything to fall into place. But my usual pessimistic, overreacting self, has become a patient, step-at-a-time, take a breath, pray for peace and understanding, individual. Never before in my life have I felt such patience and ability to rely on God. JP and I know that five and even ten years from now we will laugh and thank God for these such circumstances: failed tests, anything but the greatest jobs, and living with my parents....I am just thankful that I, in the midst of these circumstances, in the present, can laugh and thank God! Through these situations and through examples such as my Dad, I have learned to be rational rather than run on emotions....most of the time!