February 20, 2008

Give A Lil' Bit

I learned a little lesson today. As Jp and I sat in church service tonight, the offering bucket came by. I thought to myself, "I just tithed on Sunday and all I have is $5 cash right now...I'm gonna need that." This thought came only hours after I had shared with my Dad about how faithful God has been to me. So I thought and thought about how $5 to a college student is a lot of money sometimes so I watched the bucket go by. Just as I was ready to pass it, I watched JP search through his wallet. He looked disappointed that he had no cash. Then I saw him pull out his "lucky dollar," which he always keeps on hand in case he suddenly needs a buck or two. He pulled it out and put the crinkled 1oo cents into the bin. I have never felt more like a child who had been smacked on the hand with a motherly "shame on you" immediately following. Even though it was only a dollar, it was all that he could give and he gave it. He is so passionate about giving that he wanted to do all he can. My $5 could have gone a long way with Christ, and wouldn't have left me starving even if it was all I had. Give when you can, all you can, and he will provide. Learned it the hard way........

February 17, 2008

Well Celebrated

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For our 6th, and last Valentine's as a non-married couple, JP and I had so much fun! Amber and I went to the mall today to find me an outfit. I felt like I was going out on a first date. She helped me get read (such an amazing friend)! Right before i left we realized the slit in the dress was a little high so she sewed it. It was like getting ready for my wedding day...i'll know how that feels soon enough. He took me to a very good Italian restaurant. As one of the toughest italian food critics he knows, he was surprised to find I loved it! Then we went to see Grease, the musical at Springfield theatre. Not more than 2 scenes into the musical we looked at each other and had the same thought.....I fee like I'm watching a high school musical. They singing seemed untrained, immature, and at times, hilarious. I could have performed better. We didn't pay $100 a ticket, but I couldn't believe they were even allowed to charge $25 for the cheap tickets. Unbelievable. I love that we are the point that he doesn't take offense to my honesty about things like that. He knew I wasn't saying I didn't like the gift, I appreciated the thought and the time spent together, but I'm a tough critic when it comes to musicals and performances, having once been there somewhat myself throughout high school. It was more fun to mock the whole thing together, than to take it for what it was worth. Then i gave him his present, a power drill...something I figured he'll use. It's crazy to think that although it's our 6th valentine's day together, I get 60 more with this sexy man! doesn't he look so handsome?


February 14, 2008

A Valentine Man

I've got myself a valentine...yes, the perfect man! This year is the best yet because I know that I have him forever (come July!). John Patrick Howard is the love of my life and my best friend. I love that when I'm venting from a bad day, or taking it out on him, he simply pulls my close and says, "Sweetheart, I missed you." I can't stay mad at that! I love the way he makes me a Dr. Howard medicine bag of treats and pills when I'm sick. I love that when anything happens with family, whether mine or his, he is always by my side. I am blessed that we enjoy running, biking, rock climbing, and the outdoors together. I am awestruck that 5 years later he still reminds me of my beauty and leaves little notes on my windshield, in my mailbox, and sends a text message to me every morning with a thoughtful and uplifting tone. I love that he is patient with me and everyone else. I love the way he still opens my car door and takes my tray after I'm finished in the cafeteria. He is willing to give up time and services to help anyone in need, never hinting it is an inconvenience. I value that sometimes during worship, when both our hands are raised in the air, he grabs my hand to let me know he is my partner and Christ is the center. I adore the fact that he will help me finish my dinner because he knows I always need to save room to test the dessert. I love that he's wise with money and words. I love, although sometimes resent, that he always outdoes me with thoughtful gifts on holidays. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonder man, who, I believe, is one of a kind. I love that this man does not let a day go by without kissing me on the forehead and saying "I love you" no matter what mood either of us are in. I love that he is my partner, willing to share any and all tasks. I AM ONE LUCKY GIRL! I love this man and can't wait to meet him at the altar in 160 days!

February 11, 2008

Snow Day

It's another snow day for all schools in Springfield....bad enough that Evangel actually cancelled classes as well. Funny thing though, that 2 inches of snow and ice, could stall all life in Springfield, when back in Chicago, 6 inches of accumulated snow would simply slow things down (if that). I needed this snow day! I am so behind in my lesson plans and so stressed out. I'm sick, which was bound to happen with 4 girls on my floor have an extended flu and one with walking pneumonia. I'm staying true to takin my Airborne, wishing away the virus. I also wonder sometimes, why circumstances in life come in like a flood. Little things creep in to those busy times when our minds are weary and our bodies literally ache......

February 7, 2008


I love "Friends." If there were any show I could watch over and over, even 10 years down the road, it would be this. Just like Disney came out with movies from their vault, so I believe "Friends" will follow in these footsteps for future generations. I thought about this a lot today; the fact that in 5 years, the name will have faded, the episodes simply puns that may cleverly follow a repeated line. I think that I love this show so much because it's secretly what I want, and to some extent have. I believe that whether in family or a circle of friends, there are relationships like these, each "Friend" representing the diverse personalities and hobbies of those around you. Ross would most likely be the higher thinking, lacking in street smarts type of man. Joey the naive joke of the crowd, and if you are lucky enough, you have a Chandler, a dry humor, laughs at himself kind of guy, known not for his job but for his quips. What can I say about the women? I feel my sisters and I emulate the dynamic trio. I've been told I'm a Phoebe, ouch that hurts! I always have that "different" and often unconventional style and taste. I can be "wonderfully wierd" according to my future hubby, but for some reason I think Sharon and I compete for that spot. Sharon could also be the Rachel, carefree and always beautiful. Bethany, well is it any surprise we call her "mini Mon'?" She is much like the Auntie Denise and Rosie in our lives, always organized, on top of things....and without wonder,...in charge! This video is one of my favorite moments..."unagi" reminds me of Richie's screams. HYSTERICAL!

February 5, 2008


I haven't stopped in 2 weeks!
I'm tired.

I'm exhausted.
I'm kaput.
I'm sleepy.
I'm pooped...
All in all, I feel like this kid!

February 3, 2008

This weekend Jp and I went on the EU Premarital Retreat. It was a truly necessary experience in my opinion. They discussed topics like love language, conflict resolution, finances, and every man's favorite...sex. After each session we had time to reflect with our partner. That was my favorite. I loved hearing what he gathered and thinks we need to do, improve, do well. I enjoyed watching him step up to the plate and be the head of our relationship. This weekend only reaffirmed how much I know that he is the man for me! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him knowing that he is the most generous, patient, loving, gentle, hard working, and protecting mate a woman could ask for.....I'm a lucky girl, my dad is just like this too! :)
During the sex session, there was so much I took from it that I wish I could preach to the world. It wasn't necessarily things i didn't know, but just reiterated very well. They kept saying that when a man takes a woman without emotions, he is treating her as an object, what a sin! How many people in the world are guilty of this? Then we talked about how sex is the pinnacle of emotional bonding, that contains so many layers underneath and without the permanence of a relationship, there is no security for either person. Isn't this exactly why God intended sex to be within marriage? It makes me so sad to think about the people I've had conversations who can't seem to grasp this concept.

February 1, 2008

That time of year again

It's that time of year again...the snow if falling, the semester is getting busy, and Valentine's Day is around the corner. We had half a day yesterday due to the snow and then the elementary school canceled school for today as well. RIDICULOUS if you ask me. We only had five inches, all of which finished falling before midnight. It is melting and the roads were cleared before I woke up...so why cancel school?? It's funny though, that Christ knows exactly when we need a time for rest. I have had the busiest two weeks, probably since I started here at Evangel. The last two days I have been up at 6 and busy til 2 am with meeetings, duty nights, floor activities, floor devos, floor intramural games, coffee catch-up dates with friends, and the like. I leave for a pre-marital retreat tonight at 5 and wasn't going to get even an hour of down time until Sunday night,..if that! Going on four hours of sleep every night for the last week, I needed rest. A snow days was just what Christ ordered. Thank you LORD! For the first time in my life though, I found myself chanting, "Don't cancel school!" Because they took a snow day today, we will have to go to school on President's day, a day we were supposed to get off. My cooperating teacher had already planned to be out of town for that weekend, so it looks like I get to take over the class that day! I'm so excited...and so scared.
Help needed....JP and I decided to get each other something small for Vday. I don't really LOVE this holiday other than the fact that I get to see him all dressed up and handsome, get a free dinner at a nice restaurant, compliments of my man, and get chocolate! Seeing as we are A. college students and B. getting married, we kept our limit at $25 and decided it has to be something for our house, for when we are married. What can I get a guy that is for our house when we are married? ANY suggestions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is us on Valentine's last year...doesn't he look so hot! THis is exactly why I can't wait for this year!