September 28, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

Because I have taken a dive into the world of marriage, so have I into the world of "grocery shopping." That means that once every week or so, my hubby and I hop into our 4-door compact, and take a drive to the store of choice...meaning that which we feel has better deals for the week or meets our coupon requirements. I am amazed at how expensive a cart of food and supplies can end up costing. Our meager needs for the next 2 weeks totaled $112 this week at Ultra Foods. We have tried Wal-Mart and the like and find that Ultra Foods has the best deals. On the con side, I believe this makes my husband believe that we can spend more.."because it's on sale." Funny that this used to be my alibi and is now used more than frequently, by my adorable husband. He hates to spend money, but when it comes to feed time, his wallet is miraculously unlocked for the moment!
Our feeble attempts at healthy habits and lifestyles combined with my recent history with digestive problems don't help minimize the bill either. Every week the price tag on one or two of our necessary items, amazes me. This week's show-stopper happened to be Soy Milk. Unfortunately the buying of this product isn't something I can avoid. Although regular milk hurts my stomach I'm beginning to wonder if the $2.39 price tag for half-gallon of soy milk, hurts me worse!

What necessity on your shopping list leaves your pocket aching?

September 26, 2008

"Change We Need"

While I don't usually involve myself in any topic related to politics, the recent status of our economy has me interested. I took the advice however, of Pastor Ross who said, "Turn it off." This was related to constantly worry and watching the news for updates reminders...."turn it off." It's not a matter of denial, rather than living by the verse, "worry will not add a single hour to your life."

This is also takes me to a discussion over presidential candidates. It was said that McCain asked that the debate be postponed so that a solution for the economy could be worked towards....Obama, the man who drives for "change" refuses to postpone and would rather "debate" the issue. How will debate get us the "Change We Need?"

September 21, 2008

Little Men

This weekend, JP and I got to spend time with all our nephews. On Saturday, Blake came to watch his first football while Uncle J played hard for his intramural team.

On Saturday afternoon we joined the Scottberg gang to a surprise party for a family friend. Parker and Kent are so big! Its funny that they are at ages where they finally do their own thing. Parker tries to fit in with the older kids while Kent is content to keep himself busy with baseballs and anything off limits.

Then JP and I brought Kent home with us to surprise Mimi. Mimi wasn't going to be home until later so we fed Kent until....well he kept feeding himself. He opened up our fridge and pointed to the foods he desired. Then he sat and watched football with Uncle J after his bath. The way he laid on JP melted my heart and made me so glad we are home from college and are able to enjoy this growing up process with the boys!

September 19, 2008


I love fall. As I was driving I rolled down my windows. Its the season where no air conditioning is necessary, nor a blast of heat. Strolling down the sidewalk in jeans and a long sleeved shirt is enough and the not simply of bonfires, but of fall divine! Before you know it, pumpkin pie sneaks its way onto the grocery store shelves and leftover apple pie into your refrigerator. The crunching of leaves creating a beat as you walk and watching football with fellow Bears' fans (no matter the score) are ideal pastimes for the time of year. I love fall!

We underestimate this time of year. In the beautiful summer we complain of heat, in the picture-perfect winter we have ice-melting chores to tend to...but in the fall (and spring alike), the best of both worlds collides for a perfect time of year!!!

Why do you like fall?

September 17, 2008

Big & Bad

There is someone in my life, so close and so special...irreplaceable I guess you could say...that truly needs to know what gives us "joy" in life and what we "live" for. It seems that the concept of family, togetherness and what blessings exist, cannot break the stronghold rooted deep in the soil around them.

May Christ abide in and comfort the situation and the soul.

September 16, 2008

Sour or Sweet Tastes?

Thinking back on how the actual events and overall look of the wedding turned out, I began to reflect on what my original dreams were throughout the years...for the Special Day. Since I was little my taste obviously changed. I went from wanting an asian theme to pearls (the most nostalgic wedding icon), and from bright green dresses to a neutral shade of tan. It is funny to look back at past tastes. We say things like, "I can't believe I wore that." To this day I run across outfits or pictures and say to JP, "How did you fall in love with me wearing this?" I have gone from a prep who wore sweaters and bows to the middle school athlete to the some-what trendy educator (considering I refuse to wear the Apple Sweaters with the 3-D trees). I look back at pictures and can't believe I thought certain choices were deemed "cool," even if only to myself.
I look back at those captured Kodak moments of my childhood and adolescent years to the present day pictures of my wedding and laugh at what I was and grin at what I have become. Thanks be to God for friends and family who remain honest about

"the good,

the bad,

and the ugly

ensembles that may creep out of my wardrobe; and a sigh of gratitude to fashion, that we aren't doomed to remain the "faux paux" of "what not to wear" in society.

What were your fashion no-nos that you so vividly recall?

September 14, 2008

Happily Ever After

I am thoroughly enjoying married life with my husband. Simple tasks like grocery shopping are so much more exciting. I began to feel sick today and while he was out getting gas, he stopped due to being sidetracked. He returned with my favorite "Italian Wedding Soup", brand new comfy sweatpants to keep me warm and fuzzy socks to keep me from getting sick. I fret over the status of my slowly dying car and our future living arrangements and our financial status due to the jobs we both hold, but he quickly remedies my worries by taking my hands, joining in prayer, and quickly acting on "what to do." We know that God has blessed us to this point. Providing opportunities and answers, a home and help, and know he will constantly be our "home" and help for the rest of our Happily Ever After...

September 11, 2008

Another Year Together

Today marks the 32nd year that my devoted parents have been married. I can't describe the love my parents share for others, Christ, their family, and one another. Although we have recently moved into a new house, they have quickly filled it with all the ingredients necessary to make one feel welcome and doused it with prayers and fun. The importance they place on relationships in one's life have created in me the same value for friends and family. No wonder our home was always known as the 'party house' (not in the sense that one immediately thinks of).

My mother didn't necessarily fill the home with baked apple pies and home-sewn clothes, but the perfected and strategic seasoning she put into a meatloaf, the details she put into any of our school projects or daily activities, and the support she put behind every "i love you" and embrace, made me value what motherhood will be, what a wife is to her husband, and what a family is compiled of.

My father, a hard working Superman, never had a million dollars to purchase Coach purses for his girls, free air miles to send his family overseas with, or culinary skills, but his constant perseverance, Sunday omelettes, grilled bratwursts, memorable family vacation "packages" and constantly heard reminder to "make Jesus the center," have put together the ideal and concrete recipe for "Dad."

Together their faithfulness to one another, support for one another, and unconditional love for one another, combined with making Christ the center of their home and hearts, has served as the example of key components to a successful marriage that I have begun to remind myself to exemplify as JP and I begin our future together.

I hope that you enjoy your anniversary and celebrate the wonderful family that you have given so much to. We love you so much!