May 3, 2009

keep it up

JP and I are still in constant prayer for our jobs. I have such a hard time with JP working 13 hour days. I pity him being so worn out when he comes home. And my frustration with some situations surrounding my current position, probably doesn't help. I can't help but beg with God to open doors. I know that patience is most important next to trust. Today at church there was a faith promise pledge opportunity, which we hadn't thought of, but I admired how I toiled over an amount in my head all service, and when the time came, JP looked and me and being on the same page, we made a pledge. I love how we both have learned to look to God and to do more than share finances, bills, and hopes, but a foundation on Christ. Months ago there would have been much hesitation to put forth a faith promise pledge, and thanks to where God has taken us, and with such a willing-hearted mate, there was no hesitation this time. I know God has provided, erased bill balances, made a way, and I continue to trust that there is so much more he has in store! I pray that he multiplies our meager but sincere financial pledge.


Cara said...

Good for you guys! I am sure God will lead you in the right direction for a new job or he will give you the patience to go through another year!

Bethany Patrice said...

keep supporting those missionaries!!! God will reward your obedience and your trust in Him to provide.