March 6, 2008

See A Penny...

In a fervent quest for an evening snack, I was on a mission to gather up 75 cents. I would be that person who never carries cash...nor change, aside from the normal collection of pennies. Without realizing it, I found myself scrounging for change. I scraped up a quarter from one of my many wallets. Short by only a mile, or so it felt, I began to search through my multitude of purses. It seemed I found treasure in the form of everything but change. Nearing the end of my monetary search I had somehow collected more than 24 pens and pencils (a new bundle of writing utensils), a wad of Wal-Mart receipts (proof that I may be the costumer that keeps them in business), a month's worth of movie ticket stubs, and finally....JACKPOT! I had gathered up more than the necessary 75 cents for the vending machine goodies...what a blessing. I had somehow created a collection of nickels, dimes, and quarters in the sum of a whopping 85 cents! Too good to be true. On another high note, in this quest to quiet my craving I had avoided needing to make a Wal-Mart run for pencils, gathered enough movie stubs to make a scrapbook, and found the answer to my chapped lips, in the form of 3 unused Mark-Kay lip glosses and an o, so expensive tube of Carmex. And to top it all off, I can see the bottom of each and every purse in my plethora of handbags! If this habit doesn't label me as a college student, I don't know what screams it louder!

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