December 6, 2008

To shop or not

According to the View and several newscasts, these are people I should buy Christmas gifts for:

1. mail carrier (who even actually sees their mailperson?)
2. boss/principal (thats a given)
3. parent helpers (ok I have thats not happening)
4. hairdresser & any other regular beautician (have trouble affording the monthy haircut alone!)
5. regular doctor (they make enough already)
6. pastor (my church has and beyond)
7. distant relatives (an entire side of JPs family lives on the east coast...that could get expensive)
8. petcare helper (that would be JP and I- nightly takers of our family dog)
9. assitant (i have one, but not the kind that does my work)
10. close family friends (just got married, still have the guest was a long thats not happening)

who are 10 people you SHOULD buy for?

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