February 16, 2009

Love is in the air

I had an amazing Valentine's Day with my husband! Although this is the first as a married couple, it is our 7th time celebrating this holiday together! This meant it would take a lot of thought to top anything done in the past. I took JP out for breakfast and got him a massage. He loved it but what bothered me is that the masseuse he had was the same woman I had right before the wedding. She talked the whole time! JP said she talked about how she doesn't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day and how she is really stressed out. That's exactly what I would want to hear if I were getting a massage to relax and as a Valentine's present. I was so ticked. I didn't tip her well. I have every right mind to call and complain. Maybe, I'll pull a Rosie and get us some free massages!!!!

JP took me to Carlucci. It is a fantastic Italian restaurant! So worth it too. For an appetizer, two salads, two entrees, and a dessert, we only spent $50! Then he gave me a card and in it is said that he was taking me to Embassy Suites so I can relax away from home!

As we drove towards the hotel I quickly realized he meant the one near O'Hare, where we had spent our wedding night. What a sweet thought! I loved it! All in all....it was a phenomenal Valentine's Day. Downside is....he has to try and top that next year. Good luck, baby!

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Karebear said...

I LOVE the note he wrote to you!!!
So so sweet, Janna! I'm glad you had an amazing Valentine's Day with your sweet hubby. xoxo