August 19, 2009

Color My World

After trying my hand at painting and creativity, I've decided I am better at art than I thought. It was never my strong suit in school. I am a testimony to the misnomer that lefties are the more creative type. What a misconception. I thought simple abstract art would be easy and carefree, but when you put a perfectionist to the task, the task is daunting. I found myself perfecting each stroke and line, which is the antithesis of the specific art form. It was like revisiting my elementary school art room, where even the legs on my stick people took hours to make flawless (a detail I still cannot do easily today). I now remember why I do not enjoy art....I'm a type A personality. Art as a relaxation method? Try telling that to a Monica!

Needless to say, after hours of perfecting color tones....these are the products (original art, that I will never produce or attempt again).

(Special thanks to the second artists on this one, Sharon Sidell)


Bobbi said...

These look GREAT!!! I tried that once...not so good, looked like a 2nd grader in art class.

sharonie said...

you used some big words in that post. ps...this is great practice so when your little one is born we can paint a picture for the nursery!

Karebear said...

I LOVE your artwork! I want to copy this idea for my office! Gr8 job Banana! xoxo