July 17, 2008

Down to the wire

With the wedding a week away, I can't believe how much I still have to do. Every night it's as if we are running like chickens with our heads cut off. Yesterday I turned to JP in a moment we both decided to step back and take a breath and said, "What will I do when this wedding is over?" I know that I will be happy, excited, and love married life to this amazing person, but just like 90% of brides, I will most likely struggle with post-wedding depression. I'll never get to try on a wedding dress again (unless of course I'm in a fashion show), I'll never stop to cut out an interesting style or idea or ad in a magazine, and I'll never say the words, "When I get married..." My friend Jackie reminded me I"ll never have to go on a first date, have a first kiss, or go through the long dating stage. That I'm happy to claim! I know I have this man for the rest of my life. We picked up our wedding rings, which are beautiful, and I watched him try it on. I wanted him to keep it on as we walked downtown to let girls see and know, "Ya, he's mine." I can't wait to be his! Only one more week as Janna Elton. I've been writing my name as much as possible, squeezing every nostalgic moment out of that identity as I can.

On another note, this is something that bothered me. While listening to WGN radio this morning, that my parents so absentmindedly leave on just about every morning, they played the #1 song in America, "I Kissed a Girl" and discussed the generation and topic of the song. I couldn't believe how many people, including some of the hosts, defended the song. THey were proud to live in a free country and "liked the beat of the song." I admit, I've caught myself bouncing to the beat of such songs and repeating those same words, but it is such a disgrace for not just our nation, but apparently in Canada, Europe, and New Zealand this trend is similar with this song. God is not happy with our nation. I wouldn't be so quick to say I'm proud of it. Jesus, forgive our sinful nations.

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Cara said...

Hey Janna, here is the kicker about Katy Perry, she had a christian album out before her infamous "kissed a girl" song! How she could go from one to the other blows my mind! See you tomorrow!