July 2, 2008

Busy Bee

Life has been busy! This past weekend my sisters and Aunts threw me a personal shower...and O my goodness did it get personal! :) I'll have to post pictures later. Last night JP and I went and bought our bed! It was such a good price, that we couldn't pass it up! Plus, it hit me that in three 1/2 weeks we will have to be moved in somewhere! I can't believe I'm going to be living with a boy! (said like Monica Gellar). I can't believe I'm only Janna Elton for 3 more weeks! I can't believe I'll be in sunny Mexico in 3 weeks from Saturday! It's all so soon! I use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!

I have no plan for the future...in sight. JP and I are trying to be content where we are at because there is a possibility it is our future for a little while. The last few months I've been stricken with fear over worry about jobs, a home, and income. It has been accompanied with many doubting questions towards God. Then I read this in my devotional (which if you haven't noticed is amazing!): Humility is grown in the desert. Even John the Baptist, while in prison had moments where he doubted who the Messiah was. Faith and fear are antithetical- Jesus expects us to trust him in the storms of life. Even those who walked with Jesus, the disciples, and saw his miracles, were skeptical and fearful in the storm on the boat.

He controls all nature and can control our stormy human situation, as well as give us peace!


Joan said...

Janna, you are an amazing daughter of the King! I am praying for you. God has great things ahead for the two of you. They may not look the way you think they will but nevertheless they will be amazing and you will stand back and say "How awesome is our God". I don't know if you said before but what devotional are you reading? I would like to check it out.
I have been considering for some time now what God is about to do in our world and I have come to the conclusion (my conclusion) that part of the reason we are all seeing so much tribulation in ours lives (jobs, economy, natural disasters, sickness) is so we can get to know Him better. So that when He begins to move we won't be afraid and disturbed because we will know we can trust Him by experience. When you and JP are through this you will know Him as your Provider, your Helper, your Strength, and on and on. And you will know it in a way you have never known before. And most importantly in these days, you will know His voice. Things might be tough for a while but you will know intimately the One who will lead you through and bring you safetly to the otherside. The question for us is "will we be faithful? will we trust Him and believe that He is who He says He is and will do what he has said He would do?"

Janna Banana said...

thank you for the encouraging words! The devotional is by Jill Briscoe and I believe it's a One-Year women's devotional!