January 29, 2009

Abandon Ship

With it being nearly a month after the new year began I thought it appropriate to make a list of all the habits, promises, and goals I have made, at one point or another, and abandoned as quickly as I would a sinking ship:

Since it is 2009, here are 9 things I haven't stuck to:

1. drinking 2 full water bottles a day
excuse: refilling with nasty tasting water at school, bathroom breaks are minimal

2. not eating the skittles meant for student rewards
excuse: um....yum! "I bought them and I'm the teacher"

3. going to bed early
excuse: ya right

4. legally changing my name
excuse: how long will this take?

5. not having sweets every night
excuse: its a diet ice cream bar!

6. patience at work
excuse: try hearing this all day: "She's breathing on me!" (literally)

7. more extracurricular reading
excuse: "Doesn't a cookbook count?"

8. get more creative with low fat cooking
excuse: _____________________ (wish I had one)

9. write a blog everyday
excuse: life

1 comment:

Cara said...

Reading a cookbook totally counts! lol I hope you can stick to your guns.