January 16, 2009

Seaching for chuckles

I had by far, the worst week I have experienced in my short and mild teaching career. It has been a whirlwind and more eventful than many of my horribly memorable high school faux paus. Despite being hit, having things thrown at me, being chewed out by a parent, having to attend school while the rest of Illinois' educational facilities enjoy the warmth of their homes, and being told "I will rip you in half" by a 3 foot child, I decided to find the humor. I laugh when I think about moments such as those when one of my favorites told me he was "having a hard attack."

It's moments like these when I learn to find reasons to snicker and ways to giggle despite the madness that may surround the learning environment.


5sny said...

I can only say to keep the memories of the funny moments. They will keep you sane... for the most part. I can't say that I am still fully sane, but then again, I did not have a student tell me they were going to 'rip me in half.' That in itself can bring on a little hilarity. I hope the next week will be much better for you. And remember, not ALL years are going to be as difficult. Many, but not all. You are a fantastic teacher. I can truly can say that from watching you! You're awesome. (by the way, what did you say to that child?)

Janna Banana said...

she has a history of this and I've been keeping a journal but my principal and I are writing incident reports when this happens so that we can keep it in her file. I actually had to send her to the office because she started spitting and throwing things at kids! I swore I'd never do that!