January 6, 2009

Home sweet home

We are home from our amazing Carribbean Cruise. I already felt blessed to be able to join my in-laws for such a great vacation but now feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful family. It reaffirmed the joy I'll have to share my children with wonderful Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandma and Grandad. Its a blessing!

We had wonderful weather and stopped in Puerto Rica (Old San Juan), St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. After adjusting to the rocking feeling and receiving my sea legs (with the help of a little pill called Boanine), I enjoyed the trip. Here a few pictures of our grand voyage!

This is the reason I gained 5 pounds!


Bethany Patrice said...

look at you miss lauren conrad. also..only you get take two honeymoons in one year. only you.

sharonie said...

i like that dress you decided to keep that black and gray one..you look sexy!