April 28, 2009


Had one of those days...I'm about to use the only metaphor for the type of breaking point I hit today, when all things come to a head: "Like when a really painful and irritatingly obvious skin imperfection finally makes its appearance on the skin in, forming a white head." That's what my day felt like today. I waltzed into the gym with a grudge against every machine I saw. Nothing seemed the least bit welcoming or kind. I've had bad days at the gym or workouts I could have loved more, but today the mirror and the scale seemed to dislike me. I had a terrible workout, but my trainer reassured me that I'm beautiful......just as I know my heavenly father feels.

I wish I could force the mirror to agree!

1 comment:

sharonie said...

miss stunning! Meadow, all i hear from my friends is house pretty you are! ugh to have the dark hair and skin like you sister and brown eyes...hmmm must be nice!