April 20, 2009

Flash Forward

Just when I found my footing a patch of ice creeps onto the road. After a financial blessing arises, so does a load of bills and a previously unknown school bill, that amount to a significant and hefty sum. But JP and I have had a new vow to one another that we came across in our devotions:

"Be faithful in the small and God will be faithful in the big."

Dear Lord,
I thank you for your provision....AHEAD of TIME, because you are God that doesn't operate by our clock and sundial.

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Karebear said...

I LOVE that saying! Thank you for sharing! It's a gr8 reminder...to be faithful in the small things and He will be faithful in the big things. Wow! As you look back on your marriage, you will appreciate these tough times when you had to rely solely on the Hand of God. These memories will make you unwavering as you walk thru the next "icy patch." What an awesome heart you have, Janna! So inspiring. xoxo