April 14, 2009

Momma I'm a Big Girl Now

There are several landmark moments in one's life when you catch yourself saying, "wow...I really am growing up." The humorous detail about this quote is that we often find ourselves repeating the quip throughout several decades in our life span. I decided to mark 10 moments in my life where I remember feeling, "all grown up" (whether they left a smile or frown remnants on my face):

1. I became the chaperone on my brother's first ride upon Dumbo's back in Disney World (I was10!- quite embarrassing)
2. After church one Easter, my sisters brought to my mother's attention that it was time I begin using an encouraging form of protection against underarm sweat
3. The day my monthly friend came to town for the first time....I knew "it must be a big deal" when my mom began calling the entire female clan of our extended family
4. When in fifth grade I was given my first razor to attack the Italian hair growing on my legs!
5. When I was able keep a food log on our refrigerator (I was 10) (a day's log once included the following: chips, 2 McDonald's cheeseburgers for Hot Lunch at school, and ice cream sandwich, a bologna sandwich....need I finish?)
6. The day I had to move MYSELF into my dorm room....I knew I was past the college newbie phase that freshman and sophomore year brought.
7. When my parents gave their approval to a handsome boy who brought over roses and asked me to homecoming
8. The day I was allowed to buy my first formal dance dress (freshman year). (of course straps were added to the strapless attire- and a flannel was donated by my father)
9 I had my own phone hooked up in my room (it was not my own phone line, but I'll never forget that Clueless phone with voice changer....which I used for much pranking. I remember calling Grandma Bea and telling her, in a man's voice, we had her mail hostage.)
10. The days following saying "I DO," when I received my first loan repayment bill and had to find my own means of insurance!

What moments in your life made you feel all grown up?


Bethany Patrice said...

when my 22 year old sister walked down an isle to get married, and my child was in her wedding. Big Girl? No, it just made me feel really really old.

sharonie said...

ugh...i remember checking into the hotel for our honeymoon night! i didn't have to tell mom and dad where i was at, or let them know when i came home...it was all LEGAL!