October 12, 2009

Hang it up

Some day, my closet with resemble this paradise (even if that means using an extra bedroom as the clothing storage haven). Until then, I'll have to organize the space I have.

I spent this Columbus Day discovering the bottom of my closet. I wish I could say that it was merely scratching an itch to clean, but fact is, it was my husband's complaining about the slow creeping of my clothes into the 1/8 of the closet he has left. (that and the several times my closet has literally torn the bolts out of the wall). After 3 hours of sifting and sweating through sweaters, shirts, slacks, and shoes, I managed to organize the mess.
While in the process I had trouble throwing out and sorting those things that I truly do not wear. There are so many things that I have saved, but forgotten why: bridesmaid dresses I will never wear again, purses that I have never used, shirts that I don't remember buying, and old letters from junior high friends.
I'm thinking it's about time to get rid of some of these miscellaneous items, if I can't recall why I still save them. So, my one beautiful sister who threw my bridesmaid dress out, won't mind if I decide to get rid of hers after 5 years, right?

What crazy thing have you found amongst your possessio
ns, that you have been saving but can't remember its significance?


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Cara said...

I have been saving movie ticket stubs since I was like 15. I finally found them while I was searching through my junk and yes...I threw them away!! I felt so libertated!