October 28, 2009

Only time will tell

My Grandpa is not doing well. His doctor's are not saying much. He's beginning to talk about waking in the middle of the night with fear...complaining he is sick and when I ask how, he replies "my mind." It's so sad. I spoke quickly and reminded him that fear is not from God. I so want him to know and accept Christ, to live the time he has, in peace. We talked about taking things a day at a time, that God goes a step ahead of us. "When you are scared," I replied, "Read those scriptures verses we posted on your dresser. I pray they bring you peace and rest at night.
Not more than 10 minutes later, he and I discussed my job situation. I proceeded to honestly tell him I'm not sure what will happen in two weeks when I hand my classroom back to the lead teacher. He could sense the worry (and fear) in my eyes. He said, "remember....no worries. Right?" Although he went on to reassure me further, discussing housing options with him, and sharing his pride in my hard work, that phrase, "no worries, right?" followed me all night. He was right. I had just shared a devotion on taking things one day at a time, and fear not being from God, and here, that's how I have been operating. I'm glad, my Grandpa, who I am trying to lead to Christ, led me back to these reminders, and this truth, with that 3 word phrase, "no worries, right?"

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Cara said...

It is a lot easier to give people advice than it is to use it yourself. Hearing that from grandpa makes me sound so selfish. when I complain about petty things... he is fighting for his life. But taking one day at a time is the only sensible thing to do. That is the only way to get rid of our worries.