October 21, 2009


Following the last post about my closet, I've decided I need to remain on the topic of organization...therefore, my goal being organization. I'm an "outside" organizer. The kind that is obsessive (at times) about things on the outside being organized. I pick and choose what I will be obsessive about, whether that be an edge being straight or decorative pillows all showing the same angle. But....I'd call myself a "Monica" because if you were to open cabinets, closets, files, folders, or a fridge, you would never guess that I knew the meaning of the word "organized." I need to be true to the term, truly making life easier on both the counter tops AND inside the cabinets. This may be a lifelong goal, more than a resolution. It could require a change in my lifestyle. With all of life's daily surprises popping up, especially as a teacher, it feels that this may be difficult to achieve.

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