June 26, 2008

Almost there

I will be marrying my high school sweetheart in less than a month!!!!

All the final things are starting to be a big deal. Yesterday I went and got a small tanning package....as I laid baking in the cancer bed I thought, "I'm tanning for my wedding!"
Last night I was over at JP's and his mother had invited some friends over who make jewelery. I was very dissastisfied with the custom jewelery done for me by the bridal place. So last night I sat down and watched these women intensely create my jewelery. I had brought with me, some Swvarski crystals that used to be my Nana's. It was just the other day I was telling my mom that I didn't have a "something old" for my wedding day. These women used almost all of Nana's crystals in both the earrings and bracelet. How special will it be on my wedding day? I used to play with the necklace and earrings these crystals came on. Nana would let me try them on, making me feel like a princess. Now, I get to wear them on my wedding day.

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