November 10, 2008

Look What you Made me do...

My sisters and I have taken opportunities to share our commentaries on the ensembles we see ourselves dressed in when looking at past kodak moments. Usually, Mom's response is..."you wanted to wear that."

This kid, will never hear Mom or Dad repeating that excuse to him in 10 years:

On a lighter note I am so thankful for my husband. We are finding less and less time to do our devotions and usually turn the tv off around 10 pm just before jumping into bed. We decided to make a rule that the tv goes off by 930 from now on so we have time to wind down with just our own thoughts and a short devotion together. It really melts my heart to see him be the one to remember. Its now 943 and im still on the computer. "Against our new rules" he says. Time for me, GOd, and my hubby...o and a down comforter (its freezing!). I can't wait to see what God does in our relationship with our new committment to spend time with him.

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