November 24, 2008

Nice Country, 'eh?

With my Pipa in the hospital and the prognosis not the best, we all made a trip to see him yesterday. He was on a lot of medication and therefore was not himself, barely conscious. It was so difficult to see him so helpless. I felt helpless. For the random seconds that he opened his eyes or spoke an understandable syllable, his comments were nothing short of those we have heard his utter time and time again. They all resounded to the sound of joy for his family. He muttered things like, "We did it, right! We so lucky! ( in reference to graduating college, having families, and being hard workers and loved family members). As helpless and struck with ailments as he was, he stayed in true character; caring only for his family and wanting them to know how truly proud he is of their accomplishments, who they are as individuals, and their support and strength as a family entity. We were able to pray with my grandpa, despite his lack of consciousness, i saw a smile crawl across his face as we read scripture. My dad said one thing to me as I sobbed in fear of grandpa's condition, "We will make sure he knows Jesus and that Jesus has him in his hands."

That said it all. I love my family and want my Grandfather to know Christ's love and his comforting hands are what has provided him with these treasures and this family that he constantly and thankfully embraces.

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Karebear said...

Oh Janna!
I'm tearing up as I read this post!
I can just imagine your family gathered around your grandpa...pouring love and prayer into the man who has proudly led your family for generations. Your family are in our prayers during this difficult time. Love you!!! xoxo