November 3, 2008

Vote for Oprah

I realized something while wading through piles of newspaper headlines screaming "Vote for ________." It doesn't matter who is elected president. God is bigger than Obama...and God is mightier than McCain. I did not vote out of fear for where our country will be, nor out of despise for a certain party of person. I truly believe that no matter who takes up residence in the White House as of Wednesday, God is in control. With that said, we might as well elect anyone to office. If we as a nation can't decide who to vote for, just put Oprah in the White House. People perk their ears up more for her than our own president (Sad but true).

So I pray that God will be at each voting post, in each booth, and I know that he knows what each ballot will say. God goes before us and is always surrounding us. God bless America...please.

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