June 22, 2011

After sneaking you some frozen yogurt, sharing my goldfish crackers, and keeping both wheels of the wheelchair on the ground for our walk today, I think I earned your trust! :) You interrupted the silence in the hospital room today with a request for some devotional time. You listened and gave simple "Amens" and sighs of agreement as I read a week's worth of devotionals from my phone. The improvisation of daily iphone devotionals left the same impact on us both as reading from a renowned best-seller. It brought back to mind the number of mornings I would wake for school to find you sitting in solace reading your worn brown, leather Bible at the head of the kitchen table. Years later I realized that it was not only for our family, but also for daily bread for yourself, that you began each new day this way. Today I pray that our time together and the words from the devotional spoke to you and gave you daily bread to carry you through the difficult moments of doubt, worry, or fear you may encounter in your alone time within those hospital walls. May Christ meet you there and may you sense His presence strong and clear.

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