June 17, 2011

Oops! You did it again!

Lately, you are always trying to make me an accomplice in your daring feats. Today, you were determined to get into a standing position. You proceeded to tell me that you were given the "ok" to try this with someone present. Your determination enabled you to get to your feet, yet at the same moment an alarm began to sound. "Way to go!" I antagonized. Sure enough, they were smart enough to place a "bed exiting alarm" underneath you. Although this was hilarious at the moment, I realized that this totally describes you! You are successful and an example because of this determination.
I distinctly recall a simple "hike" you once encouraged mom, Rich, and I to embark on while on vacation in Tennessee. This trail was supposed to lead us to a hidden waterfall. Flip-flops on our feet, clad in t-shirts and shorts, we began the hike mom promised would be "short and sweet." Three miles later and on a steep incline, I believe it was you and Mom huffing and puffing behind us. You pushed us onward, however, wanting us to experience the treasure at the end of our journey. After passing experienced hikers carrying their camel packs of water, we finally reached the gorgeous waterfall. You both gave Rich and I that "told you so" look and at that moment I realized that your persistence was part of your plan. You taught us that the back-breaking work, effort, and at times doubting moments, are all a piece of success.
Although I don't condone your "jail-breaking" ways as of lately, I appreciate and admire your innate desire to work for the prize. I believe this is what God sees of your life and why we are noticing the fruits of your labor growing so abundantly in relationships and support around us. Never give up. Never lose hope. Let go of doubt. Hold on to your greatest attributes, your determination, and the Father that guides us through seemingly never-ending paths to His unmatchable rewards.

We came a BIT more prepared years later:

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