June 19, 2011

Today is father's day.
I love you more than words could express.
I love our BUTTERFLY kisses.
I love the way you scratch with your beard.
I love that I'm still not too big to cuddle with you in a chair.
I love how you laugh AT me...which for some reason I don't mind.
I love the way you always seem to have the answer.
I love the way you treat my husband as one of your own sons.
I love your wit and how you wiggle humor into every conversation.
I love the laugh that comes from your belly and shows all your teeth.
I love how REAL you are, always opening up to gentle give your true thoughts.
I love how you still wear black shoes with a brown belt.
I love how you let me know you are proud of me.
I love you'll do anything for a joke...including removing your teeth.
I love hearing you yell at the tv when our Cubbies are on...you are a realistic fan.
I love that you cry with me and celebrate with me.
I love how your arms go all the way around me in a Bear Hug.
I love how through this journey we have been on these last few months, you have never seemed anything less than the dad I have known and loved for 25 years.

Love you daddy.
Happy daddy day!


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