November 4, 2007


JP and I went horse-backing today, with his best man and his best man's girlfriend. It was a blast! The last time I can remember going horseback riding was during our Griswold Family trip to Montana, on a trail ride...which I'm told is not true horseback riding. My horse's name was Spider. He didn't seem to like me very much. I got on him and nothing I did would make him move. I was told he can be very stubborn with certain riders...just my luck. My uneasiness was obvious to even a four-legged friend. Needless to say, I survived a near-death, so it seemed, experience when my Spider got a little excited. Often, I found myself as giddy as a child. Each time the horse looked at me or ate out of my hand, I chuckled an innocent little laugh that kept JP smiling all day. It was an experience that reminds me we are never too old to revisit the emotions of a child...where simplicity, nature, and a little giggle can make your day.


sharonie said...

didn't your boobs hurt after horsback riding? So you will do horseback riding with a live animal, but you won't do a rollercoaster...interesting!

Janna Banana said...

correction...i ride rollercoasters

Bethany Patrice said...

did your horse have any crunchy poopy?