January 12, 2008

Busy Day

Danielle and I ran to go shopping today....which ended up being 4 hours of random shopping. First we ran to the puppy store and took out a mastiff....GINORMOUS! Then we ran to the mall...and if I may be honest there is nothing I hate more than running into anyone and everyone while shopping. It's always awkward...especially if they happen to be people you've been avoiding or people you haven't seen in years. This seems to be more than common in Springfield, seeing as there is one and only one mall, which encompasses all there is to do on a Saturday afternoon. You can't escape....no matter where you go, there is always someone from Evangel. Then we went to dinner with some friends with a friend in from out of town. Our friend Chris, who we never imagined having such a transformation, filled us in on his new aspirations. A boy we never though would graduate from school nor gain an ounce of common sense (he is what we call a "blonde"), is now only 1 year shy of becoming a youth pastor and has so much drive and passion. What an encouragement to know that we each have a plan despite what the world labels us.

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