January 15, 2008


It isn't always a privilege to be one people turn to, the one who is supposed to have all the answers, the one who can put it into perspective. As an RA I've been counted on to be an accountability partner, a friend, a tour guide, a source of reference, a spiritual encouragement, and a Magellan of solving conflict. Every time I speak, I try to be articulate, patient, and often end up tongue-tied and later wishing I had added a last bit of information I forgot. I just pray that each time a girl leaves a conversation with me that she feels I have been a positive source, a helpful and understanding one. There's no greater fear than to think you may have been useless or have not done your job to alleviate worry or failed to help make a decision. Although this may seem like a very respectable place to be, which I do value and feel blessed for, it's also one that requires constant prayer for wisdom and discernment. I have had girls leave thanking me and I have had girls leave dissatisfied and disagreeing. I just pray that as my time here and my opportunities in this position come to an end, that I would finish the race strong and would impart wisdom and love into each girls' heart....that God would ultimately guide my tongue and my confidence!

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sharonie said...

you are making the most of each moment at EU and enjoyig where you are at and not wishing it away...continue to do that with NO REGRETS!