January 14, 2008

When Life Throws You Lemons

I don't necessarily agree with the age-old adage, "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade." What if you don't want either lemons or lemonade? Are you supposed to act content or put on a facade? Rather, are you supposed to succumb making a choice of what the world presents you? I'm not necessarily saying that we should throw them back, but what do you do with them if it you don't believe it's okay to have lemons? What do you do with that conviction? Although this questioning may seem quite abstract, it's roots, I believe lie within human condition.... the human condition is to either accept or in a less supported manner, deny what we are thrown. Human condition also commonly rests on a desire to fulfill the need of belonging and acceptance. How much harder does this make our decision? When in fact our decision includes emotions and affects others, how much harder is it then?

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