January 9, 2008

It's Been A While

After taking a sabbatical from blogging, for no good reason other than laziness, procrastination and the holidays, I have returned to the world of electronic journaling. Christmas was perfect! Although I miss my family now that I"m back here at school. Even though this is the 80th time i've had to leave home for a semester, I couldn't help but tear up while hugging my Dad goodbye. I thought I was ok until i looked back int he rearview mirror to see my Dad still watching from the door to make sure we got on the road saffely. My parents are so special, the way they love us all so much! Now i"m back at school. After a whirlwind of chaotic weather related events, the new semester is underway. As soon as I got back to school, I wasted no time before cleaning out my room from top to bottom, clothes and all. Once I get going, I love to organize. It makes for a less stressful beginning of the semester. Then on Monday, the bad weather began. It was crazy. Tornado sirens went off all day. Despite the warnings, my friends and I went out to eat and to watch the football game. Then at like 2:30 am the sirens went off again, ,the parking lot lights went out and I had to evacuate all my girls down to the first floors. It was crazy! O, the joys of living in Springfield....only 14 more weeks! Today is our first day of Student Teaching seminar. SO BORING!!! It drags on from 9-3, which feels more like couped up in a "no talking" library. I'd rather be in detention...reliving "Breakfast Club." Tomorrow is my first full day in my classroom and I"m so excited! I missed the kids over break, but the sad thing is you never know who will and won't be there. In this area, moving schools happens so frequently that in the last semester alone 2 children moved out of our class to another school and 3 new students moved into our classroom. Let the fun begin!

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