February 14, 2008

A Valentine Man

I've got myself a valentine...yes, the perfect man! This year is the best yet because I know that I have him forever (come July!). John Patrick Howard is the love of my life and my best friend. I love that when I'm venting from a bad day, or taking it out on him, he simply pulls my close and says, "Sweetheart, I missed you." I can't stay mad at that! I love the way he makes me a Dr. Howard medicine bag of treats and pills when I'm sick. I love that when anything happens with family, whether mine or his, he is always by my side. I am blessed that we enjoy running, biking, rock climbing, and the outdoors together. I am awestruck that 5 years later he still reminds me of my beauty and leaves little notes on my windshield, in my mailbox, and sends a text message to me every morning with a thoughtful and uplifting tone. I love that he is patient with me and everyone else. I love the way he still opens my car door and takes my tray after I'm finished in the cafeteria. He is willing to give up time and services to help anyone in need, never hinting it is an inconvenience. I value that sometimes during worship, when both our hands are raised in the air, he grabs my hand to let me know he is my partner and Christ is the center. I adore the fact that he will help me finish my dinner because he knows I always need to save room to test the dessert. I love that he's wise with money and words. I love, although sometimes resent, that he always outdoes me with thoughtful gifts on holidays. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonder man, who, I believe, is one of a kind. I love that this man does not let a day go by without kissing me on the forehead and saying "I love you" no matter what mood either of us are in. I love that he is my partner, willing to share any and all tasks. I AM ONE LUCKY GIRL! I love this man and can't wait to meet him at the altar in 160 days!

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