February 7, 2008


I love "Friends." If there were any show I could watch over and over, even 10 years down the road, it would be this. Just like Disney came out with movies from their vault, so I believe "Friends" will follow in these footsteps for future generations. I thought about this a lot today; the fact that in 5 years, the name will have faded, the episodes simply puns that may cleverly follow a repeated line. I think that I love this show so much because it's secretly what I want, and to some extent have. I believe that whether in family or a circle of friends, there are relationships like these, each "Friend" representing the diverse personalities and hobbies of those around you. Ross would most likely be the higher thinking, lacking in street smarts type of man. Joey the naive joke of the crowd, and if you are lucky enough, you have a Chandler, a dry humor, laughs at himself kind of guy, known not for his job but for his quips. What can I say about the women? I feel my sisters and I emulate the dynamic trio. I've been told I'm a Phoebe, ouch that hurts! I always have that "different" and often unconventional style and taste. I can be "wonderfully wierd" according to my future hubby, but for some reason I think Sharon and I compete for that spot. Sharon could also be the Rachel, carefree and always beautiful. Bethany, well is it any surprise we call her "mini Mon'?" She is much like the Auntie Denise and Rosie in our lives, always organized, on top of things....and without wonder,...in charge! This video is one of my favorite moments..."unagi" reminds me of Richie's screams. HYSTERICAL!

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Bethany Patrice said...

"oonagi"...this is one of my favorite episodes. ross and monica are by far my favorite characters. I'm monica and I kind of married a Ross. :)