February 17, 2008

Well Celebrated

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For our 6th, and last Valentine's as a non-married couple, JP and I had so much fun! Amber and I went to the mall today to find me an outfit. I felt like I was going out on a first date. She helped me get read (such an amazing friend)! Right before i left we realized the slit in the dress was a little high so she sewed it. It was like getting ready for my wedding day...i'll know how that feels soon enough. He took me to a very good Italian restaurant. As one of the toughest italian food critics he knows, he was surprised to find I loved it! Then we went to see Grease, the musical at Springfield theatre. Not more than 2 scenes into the musical we looked at each other and had the same thought.....I fee like I'm watching a high school musical. They singing seemed untrained, immature, and at times, hilarious. I could have performed better. We didn't pay $100 a ticket, but I couldn't believe they were even allowed to charge $25 for the cheap tickets. Unbelievable. I love that we are the point that he doesn't take offense to my honesty about things like that. He knew I wasn't saying I didn't like the gift, I appreciated the thought and the time spent together, but I'm a tough critic when it comes to musicals and performances, having once been there somewhat myself throughout high school. It was more fun to mock the whole thing together, than to take it for what it was worth. Then i gave him his present, a power drill...something I figured he'll use. It's crazy to think that although it's our 6th valentine's day together, I get 60 more with this sexy man! doesn't he look so handsome?



sharonie said...

you guys look great! You can even wear that dress on your honeymoon...and have a high slite in it and it will be leagal too.

Bethany Patrice said...

i'm telling vern he kissed you