April 28, 2008



On our field trip to Leadership Ranch

Being Silly!

Enjoying their cupcakes at my party

Ty, my favorite student, and I are flexing!
(most adorable smile, isn't it?)

My blessing of a cooperating teacher, Ms. Stalena Snyder!

The yummy and adorable cupcakes she made for my party

Enjoying the party with my kids

Some of my favorite girls. They were so sad. I miss them already!

Opening my presents for them to see

I'm up, procrastinating on nothing, knowing I should be in bed. I can't help but contemplate the several "lasts" that I seem to be making mental moments out of. I already had my LAST day of student teaching. It wasn't until this LAST day that I realized how hard it would be to let go. I've invested almost a full school year with this class and couldn't help to cry knowing that I may never be privied to information on where they end up in a year or five years. I won't know if those who were being abused are safe, if those who excelled will continue this path, and if those who were malnourished emotinally and physically eventually have their needs met. I value each and every child...even those trouble makers. I thank God for this opportunity. They threw me a fantastic party, and we had fun with a picture taking session. I was even foolish enough to allow them to take some pictures, both on our field trip and on my LAST day. This was our LAST Sunday at the church we have been attending for the last four years- James River. It's such a powerful and growing church, that it's hard to leave when the hand of God is so strong. I photographed our LAST dinner together as Lewis RA's with our RD's who will be taking another job this summer. After dinner we sat in the lobby for literally hours, entertaining ourselves with stories and watching the boys do stupid things. Sharon keeps reminding me not to wish this time away too soon because we will never have as much of a social life as we do at present, which I realize is so true. More than 10 girls stopped by my room tonight while Amber and I were goofing around. it's so nice to have random conversations that others join in on. Amber definitely isn't making these LAST few nights we have together any easier. The women is the public water works facility. She turns them on at each and every thought of my leaving. Not having finals is so nice. While everyone is studying, I'm packing up my things and the floor things so that when everyone is ready for some final college fun at night.......I'm ready to go out on the town!

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