April 12, 2008

Silver & Gold Have I

I have been blessed with wonderful friends and relationships throughout my life. With the hurts, trials, struggles, different paths and stages in my life, many have walked in and out of my life. With the changing of seasons, however, God has always provided me with steady and unique friendships. Some have walked beside me for years and others have rushed in like a wave without recession. No matter the contrasting amount of time these women have been a part of my life, each constantly leaves footprints and bring smiles to my face!

Amber- The last two years, as an RA, I have been through much. Amber has been not only my supporting floor president, but my confidant. She has left me laughing until my side aches and spends many a nights watching and quoting our favorite "Friends" episodes. This creative and patient soul has stood by my side and encouraged me through the trials of relationships, RA decisions, and academic tribulations. Although come next month we will no longer be sharing a toilet, she will remain a vital part of my college-experience and a close ally in the future.

Bridget has loved and laughed with me in and despite of my awkward adolescent years. Since middle school she has been a soft spoken and genuine heart who offered a listening ear through break-ups with both friends and boyfriends. Through broken, priceless china, unattractive pubescent years, and Friday nights at Chili's, Bridget was a constant breath. Today, although we have lived more than 500 miles away for the past four years, Bridget never ceases to remind with a phone call or email of how much her heart still cares and thinks of me. I have never been more challenged by a single person, who is the epitome of selflessness, empathy, and achievement. Christ placed this gentle and wise person in my life to serve as a reminder of love and loyalty.

Carla- Although less than five feet tall, this girl can leave an imprint in one's life that is larger than life. On a mission's trip to El Salvador I shared more than a sleeping bag and sun-poisoning with her. My accountability and a bright light, Carla has brought tons of laughter and hours of coffee to my life. No matter the miles between us these last few years, I always knew she was less than a phone call away and am excited to know that in the near future, my fellow Italian Princess will be less than a Starbuck's cappuccino and piece of foccacia away.

Where do I begin? Friends since our youth, she was my strength away from home. My freshman suitemate and only a residence hall away today, she has been by my side despite ups and downs. Whoever said living with your close friend can be rocky, gave up too easily. I couldn't have imagined not having this girl as my strength my freshman year. She was comfort and my welcome wagon. We have built a strong foundation through tanning bed sunburns, Saturday morning breakfasts, heart-wrenching conversations, and thousands of views of "Mean Girls," which leaves me depressed about knowing she will be more than state away come next month. There is no doubt in my mind that this girl who knows what it means to overachieve, worry, and desire to have a crazy time, will always linger in my life like any childhood friend would.

Kim- Comrade and companion since our elementary years, I have been pieced to Kim in so many walks, styles, ways, and levels. Despite times of separate lives and relationships, Kim and I always found our way to each other's company. Rebel church camp days, family vacations near the ocean, and disaster camping trips, have created a tie that is still tighter than any sailor knot. Today, she is one of the reasons I cannot wait to move back home! I look forward to many more double dates, random movie nights, and....weddings?!?!?!?!?!
Maddie- My unmatchable roommate! From the start we got along like two peas in a pod! While she slowly got me hooked on organic foods, we shared thousands of laughs together in our tiny but quaint living space and had a more than memorable spring break in the sun. Although that was two years ago, I have never stopped loving this great friend. She has sacrificed so much for me. To this day, she has made many short and quick trips to see me, just to remind me she cares. Her passion for people and nature has driven me to a challenge of care for things around me....a gentle reminder of how what we do affects other living things. Things come naturally for our time together and our laughs are random and often. No matter the amount of time that goes by between visits or phone calls, we can always seem to pick up where we left off. I can't wait to be 6 hours closer to her home! Watch our Milwaukee!

I have had so many other special friends, and still do, and thank each of them for their love, compassion, giggles, and memories. I am truly loved.

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