April 24, 2008

What Do You Mean, "Alumna?"

Today was a slap in the face. Unfortunately it wasn't the kind of slap that takes you by surprise, stings for a moment, yet can be soothed by a cool compress. No. This one felt like a "wake up, get out of bed," slap that I realize leaves a permanent remnant on my cheek. The wind up before the swing began when we took my 3rd graders to a "Students Go to Work" field trip at the local technical college. It was an opportunity to show them types of jobs and to help them realize the importance of staying in school and doing your best. They were amazed at the medical dummies, computers, cooking stations, and the dark room (which remains a highlight of their trip). As our tour guide spoke about careers and choosing what they would do "when they grow up," I thought...."What will I do when I grow up." Then came the blow! I was stunned to remember that I am grown up; that life will greet me like a hurricane wind in less than 2 weeks. Then to make the sting last longer, i received mail from the Alumni Office here at Evangel. I couldn't believe it. Not only were they already asking me to consider donating to my soon-to-be Alma Mater, but they were calling me part of the Alumni. I haven't even walked across the stage or switched my tassel to the other side of my cap, and I am being reminded that this stage of my life is coming to a close.


sharonie said...

enjoy the last week...then it will all be just memories

sharonie said...

enjoy your last week...then it will all be just memories

Bethany Patrice said...

you are ready to graduate. you are ready to leave all what is behind you to embrace what lies ahead.