September 16, 2008

Sour or Sweet Tastes?

Thinking back on how the actual events and overall look of the wedding turned out, I began to reflect on what my original dreams were throughout the years...for the Special Day. Since I was little my taste obviously changed. I went from wanting an asian theme to pearls (the most nostalgic wedding icon), and from bright green dresses to a neutral shade of tan. It is funny to look back at past tastes. We say things like, "I can't believe I wore that." To this day I run across outfits or pictures and say to JP, "How did you fall in love with me wearing this?" I have gone from a prep who wore sweaters and bows to the middle school athlete to the some-what trendy educator (considering I refuse to wear the Apple Sweaters with the 3-D trees). I look back at pictures and can't believe I thought certain choices were deemed "cool," even if only to myself.
I look back at those captured Kodak moments of my childhood and adolescent years to the present day pictures of my wedding and laugh at what I was and grin at what I have become. Thanks be to God for friends and family who remain honest about

"the good,

the bad,

and the ugly

ensembles that may creep out of my wardrobe; and a sigh of gratitude to fashion, that we aren't doomed to remain the "faux paux" of "what not to wear" in society.

What were your fashion no-nos that you so vividly recall?


Bobbi said...

LOL - probably something I wore yesterday!

Bethany Patrice said...

For starters...why do you have a picture of me up here when I am six months pregnant!!!

Second, how come there is no pic of you in your overalls?