September 28, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

Because I have taken a dive into the world of marriage, so have I into the world of "grocery shopping." That means that once every week or so, my hubby and I hop into our 4-door compact, and take a drive to the store of choice...meaning that which we feel has better deals for the week or meets our coupon requirements. I am amazed at how expensive a cart of food and supplies can end up costing. Our meager needs for the next 2 weeks totaled $112 this week at Ultra Foods. We have tried Wal-Mart and the like and find that Ultra Foods has the best deals. On the con side, I believe this makes my husband believe that we can spend more.."because it's on sale." Funny that this used to be my alibi and is now used more than frequently, by my adorable husband. He hates to spend money, but when it comes to feed time, his wallet is miraculously unlocked for the moment!
Our feeble attempts at healthy habits and lifestyles combined with my recent history with digestive problems don't help minimize the bill either. Every week the price tag on one or two of our necessary items, amazes me. This week's show-stopper happened to be Soy Milk. Unfortunately the buying of this product isn't something I can avoid. Although regular milk hurts my stomach I'm beginning to wonder if the $2.39 price tag for half-gallon of soy milk, hurts me worse!

What necessity on your shopping list leaves your pocket aching?


Bobbi said...

It was so funny, on my way to work I was thinking about how much we just spent at the grocery store. We're trying to not eat out as much so we have to buy more but I'm sure it pays off in the long run. I always buy eggs that have Omega-3...which I justify as being better for us thus we can spend a little more. I also always buy ground turkey instead of ground beef with the same theory in mind.

Janna Banana said...

ground turkey over here as well!