September 11, 2008

Another Year Together

Today marks the 32nd year that my devoted parents have been married. I can't describe the love my parents share for others, Christ, their family, and one another. Although we have recently moved into a new house, they have quickly filled it with all the ingredients necessary to make one feel welcome and doused it with prayers and fun. The importance they place on relationships in one's life have created in me the same value for friends and family. No wonder our home was always known as the 'party house' (not in the sense that one immediately thinks of).

My mother didn't necessarily fill the home with baked apple pies and home-sewn clothes, but the perfected and strategic seasoning she put into a meatloaf, the details she put into any of our school projects or daily activities, and the support she put behind every "i love you" and embrace, made me value what motherhood will be, what a wife is to her husband, and what a family is compiled of.

My father, a hard working Superman, never had a million dollars to purchase Coach purses for his girls, free air miles to send his family overseas with, or culinary skills, but his constant perseverance, Sunday omelettes, grilled bratwursts, memorable family vacation "packages" and constantly heard reminder to "make Jesus the center," have put together the ideal and concrete recipe for "Dad."

Together their faithfulness to one another, support for one another, and unconditional love for one another, combined with making Christ the center of their home and hearts, has served as the example of key components to a successful marriage that I have begun to remind myself to exemplify as JP and I begin our future together.

I hope that you enjoy your anniversary and celebrate the wonderful family that you have given so much to. We love you so much!

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