September 21, 2008

Little Men

This weekend, JP and I got to spend time with all our nephews. On Saturday, Blake came to watch his first football while Uncle J played hard for his intramural team.

On Saturday afternoon we joined the Scottberg gang to a surprise party for a family friend. Parker and Kent are so big! Its funny that they are at ages where they finally do their own thing. Parker tries to fit in with the older kids while Kent is content to keep himself busy with baseballs and anything off limits.

Then JP and I brought Kent home with us to surprise Mimi. Mimi wasn't going to be home until later so we fed Kent until....well he kept feeding himself. He opened up our fridge and pointed to the foods he desired. Then he sat and watched football with Uncle J after his bath. The way he laid on JP melted my heart and made me so glad we are home from college and are able to enjoy this growing up process with the boys!

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Bethany Patrice said...

I can hear Kent saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese". :)

I'm jealous of your picture with Blake!