March 15, 2009


So it would seem that I have been abandoned for the weekend. My entire family, including my husband, is out of town for the weekend. It has been quite interesting, and it began as anything but relaxing. I tried to stay in the house by myself, but as soon as the sun set, I became anxious and could not sleep! I knew I couldn't do this for 2 more nights so I spent one night at my mother-in-laws and the other at my sister's....they were so sweet to take in this homeless and wimp of a woman. I don't regret being a wimp. I simply enjoy company, and really miss my husband! Marriage isn't always cuddling on the couch with every free moment, but just having him in the same house with me, makes me feel comfortable and happy. I love him so very much.

Thanks to the often scrutinized family dog, I felt protected when I was home alone. I also took the time to pamper myself....some of which was unfortunately damage to my debit card. Painting my nails, watching hours of whatever it was I wanted to watch (without having to share the remote), an amazing bubble bath, two days worth of shopping sprees, and a calming tanning session, and a calorie filled McDonald's iced coffee, gave me a few moments of uninterrupted, selfish, solace.
Despite the brief times of fear, the sleepless night, and the occasional feelings of being orphan Annie, I am proud of myself for holding down the fort! (until dad finds the electric bill for the two nights I left the lights and television on)

Now off to reality....laundry, lesson plans, and lean cooking.

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Karebear said...

Did you survive your weekend alone??? lol. You are way too cute Janna! xoxo