March 8, 2009

They found out

I hid them the best I could. I thought I had found the perfect spot. I thought no one would notice. I assumed they were as safe as a guarded treasure but..........I was wrong. They found them.

That's right. My dad found the many bins of clothes I had hidden away in their boiler room under the stairs. Just when I thought I had found the perfect place for those things I didn't have a place for, they gone and done it. Vern made a pile of all my bins and I heard the words I dread....consolidate. This may take a few weeks, but I'm up for the task and know it's necessary. According to JP I have slowly crept over into his part of the closet and now consumer 3/4 of its space. I realize it's time for some spring cleaning when I find that three of my drawers contain workout clothes, tshirts, and pajama pants alone. I always tell myself, "I can't get rid of this. I know I'll wear it sometime." Well for many of these articles, that sometime hasn't come in a long time. And that bin full of purses along hasn't been cracked open in nearly a year. Goodwill, here I come!


Karebear said...

Seriously...can I come "shop" in your bins before you bring them to Goodwill??? You have the cutest clothes!!! lol! xoxo

Janna Banana said...

haha my sisters asked the same thing