March 23, 2009

Fresh & Clean

They were right. The prep was the worst part! The 2 liters I had to drink, seemed like a bottomless well of liquid lysol....lemony fresh isn't so great when you have to DRINK IT! But with the help of Welch's and a stopwatch, my husband helped me get through the liquid mess. The many trips to the toilet were less than pleasant, and more frequent than the number of times one showers in a week!

The drama was over and we walked into the hospital ready for action! I was all prepped, and must add that I did not pass out from the IV needle! It was also comforting how gentle the nurses were with me. They said it was fresh to have an inexperienced colonoscopy patient, and one under the average age of 70. Little did I know that I would have to have an endoscopy as well. In other words I'd have tubes put down both ends...I just prayed I remained "out of it!"

I woke up, finished, clean, and with my smiling hubby video taping my recovery with a giggle. He brought me home, put me in bed and later took phone calls and when I was conscious again, repeated to me what the doctor had said while I was asleep.

Everything turned out fine. We are just waiting on some final results. God is good. He is ultimately the Great Physician and is amazing for having created SEDATIVES!

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Karebear said...

I'm so glad you are thru the hard part!!! I hope the results are clear and are what you are hoping. xoxo