March 1, 2009


I was always curious what the in-law situation would be when I got married. Would it be bliss? Or would it be Debra Barone chaos? A few days before we got married I went to have a massage to ease the wedding stress. My masseuse spent the entire hour complaining about her mother-in-law. Not only was it anything but relaxing, but it also made me feel lucky, spoiled, and sorry for that unhappy woman.
I have been blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law. I believe that having 6 years to get to know my future in-laws before I walked down the aisle, gave me comfort within their family and made me fall in love with those who had fallen in love with me, considering me her own daughter. Nancy, whose name took me a while to get used to (replacing the 6 year habit of calling her "Mrs. Howard"), has been supportive, helpful, generous, and loving towards me. I feel like her own daughter and am thankful that while others may complain about their distant in-law situations, I am blessed to feel comfortable and constantly loved by my mother-in-law. She is quite a person! She is a mother, homemaker, strength for her entire family, and constantly busily helping anyone and everyone she can reach, with arms wide open for the next!

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Bobbi said...

That's great to hear...I love my in-laws too!