October 25, 2007

7 Unknown facts

Seven Unknown Facts About Me

1) I'm afraid of the dark. I sleep with my sink light on in my dorm room!

2) I get ready in the morning....in my birthday suit! Thank God I have my own room (for now)!

3) I'll skip any meal, but breakfast! (even a granola bar is important)

4) I can't manage time.

5) I've never broken a bone.

6) I had my first kiss at the movie, "Never Been Kissed." (unfortunately, it wasn't JP)

7) I pop a hershey's kiss into my mouth when I have a bad monthly cramp! (It really works)


sharonie said...

you are afraid of the dark????? So all those years I crawled in bed with you (when I got scared or couldn't sleep) really helped you not be afraid of the dark! Ahhh I am such a good older sister!

Bethany Patrice said...

ohhhh..I'm telling mom you kissed a boy.

You DOOO get ready neked...JP will enjoy that! :)